Political Candidacies of Marceaux

Before that nomination for the governor and U.S.House, Marceaux previously ran the US Senate and Governor of Tennessee State three times as candidates for Senators from Tennessee in three separate elections.
Republican candidate for the Governor of 2010, Marceaux will ban the agent for charging suspects for what except the moving vehicle, led the campaign for permission to firearms recall.He promised to focus on phonics at public schools and would need high school students to read the US House of Representatives.
His official campaign site freesitenow.If Com wins AND I for me I will say that all state crime for the rest of your life is immunis WILL!”His campaign video has become a virus hit at love sponge, Paul Young Long, Keith and Girl and MSNBC, Colbert Report, TV soup and in the Baba at the end of July 2010 Monster Morning Radio program.He then Jimmy Kimmel Live! I was invited to!And interview at Opie & Anthony Show.
Steven Colbert’s Colbert report widely discusses the application of Marceaux to three segments and votes for “Basil Marceaux dot com” (as Marceaux was often introduced in videos of campaigns) In the primary election, I tell the audience of Tennessee that Basil Marceaux dot com, probably “I will tell you to visit their website.”
He also was interviewed with 98 touch and rich show.”If you kill someone, get killing” and we are guilty of murder, we’ll fill you under 50 years of prison and then you will put on ” He said Boston, five sports hub boot hill.”
Mason Dixon Polling & ResearchBefore the popularity of Video Marceaux became popular, Marceaux predicted that it will be the Lord of the Republican Government and receive one hundredth of the vote.
Marceaux welcomed the attention of the media received by the campaign and he denied the rumor that he was drunk when his campaign video was filmed.He said that his speech was dragged because it had only three teeth and changed the producer of the new program and he was forced to shorten his sentence as a delivery it I said that it is.
The day before the main day of August 2010, Chattanooga Times Free Press reported on criminal trial, mainly consisting of counterfeit traffickers, including seven cases Marceaux found innocent for Marceaux reasons, 2005 Madness .
Marceaux faced the election of Bill Hathram, Zach WAMP, Ron Morsey and Joe Kirkpatrick in the Republican primary in August 5, 2010.He received 3505 votes (0, he won the fifth place.5% of the whole).
The Republican Congressional District Marceaux in paragraph 3 ranked ninth in the field of 11 candidates and received 655 votes (about 1% of the total).Chuck Fleischman finished the second finisher Robin Smith and won the championship.
Political Pollaton poll showed that Marceaux, who was a presidential candidate for 2012, will lose 25 points to President Barack Obama.

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