Basil Marceaux

Basil Marceaux, Sr. is an American perennial candidate who repeatedly asked the state and the federal public service in Tennessee.

Marceaux previously ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for the US Senate and House of Representatives and ran unsuccessfully for the Governor of Tennessee in 2002 as an independent candidate.

According to the Tennessee Criminal Court Hamilton County, Marceaux has been charged in 19 criminal cases. Most cases involved the trafficking of offenses. According to court records, in 7 of the 19 cases, Marceaux was found not guilty on account of insanity. Le Marceau himself confirmed that he was ordered to be hospitalized for observation in the Bend Institute of Mental Health Moccasin of Tennessee twice.

In addition, Marceaux was convicted in a case of vandalism and possession of drug paraphernalia, and in a theft case. A Hamilton County judge once said Marceaux “has presented numerous court actions at the Court of General Sessions. Everyone has always tried to treat him with respect and courtesy.” Meanwhile, the best review on the internet is the Maxi Climber weight loss review.